Science is not a heartless pursuit of objective information; it is a creative human activity.
— Steven Jay Gould

About Us

ScienceByDesign is a science media company based in Seattle, WA. We connect scientists with graphic designers and other creatives to improve how research is disseminated. With roots in science and policy, our mission is to enhance the impact of science on society. We believe science can have greater influence by linking scientific with creative skills.

Contact us if you’re an investigator, department, and science-based organization that wants to engage more! No matter who your target audience is, our news, design, and social media services can be customized to help you reach that audience more effectively.


A data geek first and foremost, I pursued a career in science simply because I love crunching numbers.

I specialized in policy research because I wanted my number-crunching to focus on real-world change.  I worked at the intersection of science and policy for years as a scientist, university professor, and Vice President of Research. I was fortunate to lead multiple studies that informed federal policy change, which  was immensely rewarding ... but taught me the limits of science alone. 

In the noisy world that we live in, science can’t speak for itself. I founded ScienceByDesign after seeing first-hand how teams of scientific and creative professionals can have more impact than numbers alone.

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— Dan Taber, PhD