Our launch of "ScienceBurst"

The #1 thing that most of my scientist friends and colleagues struggle with – keeping up with the literature. Nobody has time to sit down and read all the latest studies.

Even if we did … would we really want to? Even when the topics are interesting, too many papers are dense, obscure, and occasionally coma-inducing.

To help with that, ScienceByDesign is launching a new publication – ScienceBurst, a recap of recent research. ScienceBurst is designed to highlight important studies that have recently been published, emphasizing the key takeaways while providing links for people who want to read more.

ScienceBurst will often dive deep into specific studies that were in the news, or studies that are compelling but you might’ve missed. In other cases, such as this first issue, ScienceBurst will be an overview of what we’ve learned in the past year about a specific topic. This inaugural edition focuses on physical activity, in honor of National Physical Fitness and Sports Month.

Click here to download our inaugural issue.

ScienceBurst has 3 goals to it:

1)    Present recent science in a clear, concise, and compelling way. It doesn’t take 4000 words to get the idea of a study across. We tell the story of key studies in a sentence or two.

2)    Leave the boring stuff at home. There are A LOT of boring studies out there. A lot. We wouldn’t be publishing those. We sift through the boring crap to only present research that is scientifically interesting.

3)    Demonstrate one of the things we do. ScienceByDesign specializes in taking complex ideas and boiling them down into a simple, clear, and digestible format. We do this in many different forms, and ScienceBurst is one example of that.

Enjoy! If you like ScienceBurst and want to sign up for future editions, you can fill out the form below to subscribe.

Better yet If you have research that would make a good fit, contact us and let us know!