Many studies are published and collect dust behind a paywall. This limits the impact of science because it only reaches one audience in one setting in one format. ScienceByDesign's creative services help you reach a wider range of audiences in more diverse settings.

Our graphic design and data visualization services translate and tailor your research for your target audience. The goal is to make your research more engaging. Science papers and talks can be dull - we all know that. Teaming up with a creative can engage, educate, and entertain your audience.

Specific graphic design services include:

  • Infographics

  • Visual abstracts

  • Posters and presentations for scientific meetings

  • Designs/Layout for one-sheets or other pieces for education

  • Memes or other graphics for social media

  • Dashboards and other data visualization products

 These services are provided on a project basis. An initial consultation is FREE - contact us to learn more.