ScienceByDesign is anchored by expertise in data science. We bring 15 years of expertise in data analysis and machine learning, including both observational research and complex systems modeling.

Today, we use these skills by taking a data-driven approach to science communication. We apply these same data science techniques to study how scientific knowledge is communicated through text, video, and other media formats. Our research capitalizes on the Big Data of social media to study how science can reach its target audience most effectively. 

Dr. Dan Taber, the President of ScienceByDesign, is an internationally recognized expert in health sciences. He has published several studies in leading health and medical journals such as JAMA Pediatrics, Pediatrics, and the American Journal of Preventive Medicine. His research integrates methods from epidemiology, economics, and computer science, and multiple studies that he led have guided federal legislation. He also taught multiple courses in complex systems at Johns Hopkins University and the University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston. Visit his CV to learn more about his research.